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Availability of wholesale Asian designer chiffon suits.

As designers or branded formal Pakistani ladies dresses or chiffon suits are too expensive and people usually looking for attractive party wear suits of various designers at a reasonable price but it’s tough.

So Asian wholesale clothing comes with the best substitute solution to this difficult situation by supplying master replica copies of these designer articles at affordable prices. A whole catalog of these Pakistani designer suits cannot be targeted so we mostly focus on the hit designs of these designers like  Maria B, Asim Jofa, Baroque, Gulaal, Sana safinaz, and many more other well-known brands.

Maria B.

Maria B is a renowned and well-famed brand across the globe. This webpage contains beautiful 5 to 6 hit designs of Maria B which are master replica or ditto copy in the quality fabric of chiffon, and oblique organza. Available at either on wholesale or on a retail basis at a reasonable price. These master replicas are processed professionally along with complete embellishment.

Sana Safinaz.

We offering stylish design with an unrivaled quality master replica of Sana Safinaz at a suitable price range. We offer our valued customer with 6 to 7 hit design of Sana safinaz in the master replica. These designer Pakistani ladies chiffon replica suit is in chiffon, organza, net, and raw silk designed worked in detail with thread, zari embroidered borders, usage of proper tussles, pearls, buttons, Dori piping, particularly attractive patches.

And there we offer many more hit designs of other designers like Baroque, Gulaal, and Asim jofa, in master replica copies in unstitch and stitch form with proper embellishment.


Pricing and delivery of wholesale chiffon suits.

These master copies really resemble the original one available in the wholesale Asian chiffon suit collection of several designers at an affordable price range that their price is almost one-fourth of original designer wear. These beautiful chiffon suits were packed in polythene bags, zipper bag along with the picture to give the proper presentation in a very nominal price range.

For local delivery within Pakistan we use reliable companies like TCS, Leopard, and M&P. While exporting worldwide we utilize the services of well-known cargo and courier companies which are FedEx, DHL, and DTDC.

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