Medical Lab Coats is a proficient and trustworthy wholesale supplier among all wholesale and retail suppliers. We offer technical or medical textile items, kids lab coat, medical lab coats, disposable lab coats, and a cotton lab coat to the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia wholesale and retail markets. We also supply this science lab coat to the retail and wholesale market of Pakistan.

Why we are reliable…

  • We have the best deals on couriers & cargos rates to get your white lab coat at your doorstep without charging any additional Vat or taxes.
  • Professional & affordable stitching facility available for the wholesale custom lab coats buyers in Pakistan, UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • MOQ start from 30 lab coats but the capacity of stitching technical or medical textile items, a medical lab coat in wholesale is 30 to 40 item per day by one tailor in our factory.
  • We also entertain retail customers to fulfill their needs with customized stitching services.
  • We have a very reliable source of payment gateways like PayPal as well more RIA/ money gram or direct bank wires in the shape of home remittances also help you to pay off your bills.
  • So under one roof, you can get the best fabric stitching both for men & women Labcoat by contacting us.
  • Because we are handling big stitching factories in Pakistan.
  • We have a team of professional’s people in the shape of tailors, cutting master’s quality check department, and many more.
  • From cut to pack we have several processes to stitch nurse lab coat professionally as per the requirement of customers.
  • Standard sizes for medical lab coats we started off with small, medium, large, extra-large and it even goes to more plus sizes (2xl, 3xl, 4xl). For packing, we use polythene bags.

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Wholesale supplier of Medical Lab Coats: outstanding supplier of doctor Lab coat, medical lab coats, hospital patient gown, covid -19 protection kits, coronavirus protection facemask, chef coats, scrub suit, medical gown, a scientist lab coat and uniforms to the international market.

Already providing best lab coats for male doctors and best lab coats for female doctors to local hospitals of Pakistan.

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These custom lab coats are stitched in various quality fabrics like K-T 72/72, 80/80, and 100% cotton K-T.

We have our own stitching center where we do customize stitching. So, cotton lab coat length, width, collar, and sizes of the coat can be customized as per customer demand. follow quality parameters, use good quality thread and buttons.

MOQ is 30 short lab coat. And a massive quantity of orders can also be complete because we have expert tailors. Each tailor can stitch 30 to 40 coats per day.

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